Service Department

We love service calls! All kinds! All the time!

We have carefully prepared and equipped our service department and its staff to do the job in time, on time, the right way the 1st time.  We take several thousand calls a year anytime of the day or night. We promise fast response and you’ll never be talking to an answering service. The phones are always answered by one of the owners.

We don’t have freelance service tech’s, each one doing it his own way. Our service technicians are closely supervised and at the end of each call they check in and we go over our “finishing up list” to be sure everything is done right.   We don’t like callbacks!

The invoices are all perused and checked by the service manager who is also one of the owners. We make sure the invoice is readable, accurate and priced fairly. When you call Johnson’s and they say, “It’s done.” you can close the book on it.

Bill Johnson likes to talk service and if you do too, call him and feel assured your service problems will be solved.

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