FREE & INSTANT Counter-Proposal Service

How it works: Simply fax us a copy of the quote you have received without the cost and we’ll give you our price almost instantly if possible. If we give you a lower price for the same amount of work, we hope you’ll let us do the job. We will do the same with any proposal you might have.

William (Bill) Johnson
Office: (916) 682-8008
Fax: (916) 685-6660

I know you love your HVAC contractor but does he love you?

Our experience is that when a contractor has been doing your work for several years, has gained your confidence by doing good work and you just keep authorizing his proposals, it’s just human nature that his pricing will sort of creep up a point or two.

What a shock! He goes up there on your roof and there’s a brand new air conditioner. The job is perfect! It’s the one he proposed to you last month and someone else has done it. The sweat pops out on his forehead. He’s feeling sort of sick. This is serious.  He knows his price is high but he’s been getting a little more for over 2 years now.

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