If your building is 12 – 15 years old or more you’re starting to spend some money keeping you’re A.C.’s running. It seems like every few days your HVAC vendor is up there making some expensive repairs and you can expect him to send you a proposal to change-out one or more. Perhaps he has already sent you one. If he has it should look like this

Sample FED-Ex Change-Out Proposal Sample FED-Ex Change-Out Proposal

When you receive his proposal just redact his price and send it on over to me. I’ll work on it and very quickly you’ll receive my price for the same job. This way you’ll be able to check your vendor’s price. Because you’ve pre-qualified us then if we’re the low bidder you can feel assured that we will do you a good job.

See HVAC images of job samples on this page.

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view

I wanted you to see these pictures in case you were unfamiliar with typical air conditioners and the methods of upgrading from the old to the new. You see the old roof top ducting and the difference in the way new units are installed. All that roof top ducting is very messy and causes leaks into the building. If you had your choice I know you’d choose the installation that has no roof top exposed ducting. The ductless system is much easier to service and keep clean. 90% of change-outs can eliminate the roof top ducting.

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