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Bill Johnson began his work in his Dad’s truck shop. After high school he entered the military service, Army Engineers. Jokingly he said he liked it because he likes to blow things up. The engineers are builders in a combat situation. After 13 years working in a combat world building and operating diesel power plants Bill had had enough loud noises and he was released from active duty. He started his company in 1971 working, taking classes and learning about business. At heart he still a military man always reminiscing about those days. His knowledge and expertise in most all aspects of building construction and maintenance, repairing and solving chronic building problems is well known. Over the years he has qualified himself to be tested by the California State License Board for licensing in over a dozen classifications.

The nucleus of JMC leadership is made up of family members and old friends whom he has trained and who have internalized the P.R.I.D.E. slogan. Professional Results in Daily Effort. This has resulted in 100% customer satisfaction. The greatest client advocate is Bill himself, who insists on the perfect job every time. At a time when contractors have a low trust quotient Bill has never had a complaint on his licenses. It’s 35 years old and clean as driven snow without spot or tarnish.

Finally, if you honor us with your project you can feel assured all aspects of this job will be to your satisfaction.

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